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Red Aloes

A handful of Aloes have a burgandy-red blush to the leaves either seasonly or year round.

Aloe cameronii

Aloe cameronii (Red Aloe) is a medium-sized suckering aloe with many upright stems of open rosettes to 1 to 2 feet with narrow leaves that are medium to dark green and that turn a beautiful coppery red in summer. Regarded as one of the most attractive foliage Aloes and also bears attractive flowers. Read more about Aloe cameronii

Aloe classenii

Aloe classenii is a very attractive, colorful suckering, crawling aloe from Kenya that makes a profuse mass of lime green and bright red red to maroon. Grows up to 18 inches tall and spreads horizontally up to 2 feet along creeping stems with emerging rosettes made of almost plastic-like leaves. Read more about Aloe classenii

Aloe 'Cynthia Giddy'

Aloe 'Cynthia Giddy' is an attractive, clumping, spotted aloe hybrid which undergoes dramatic color changes in response to sun, drought or cold stress. This Aloe is medium-sized and forma numerous rosettes to 2 feet tall with dark green white-spotted leaves that have bronze to deep maroon depending upon conditions. 'Cynthia Giddy' also flowers much of the year, from summer to winter and it is a good, relatively hardy landscape plant. Read more about Aloe 'Cynthia Giddy'

Aloe dorotheae

Aloe dorotheae is a gorgeous, suckering, stemless aloe for landscaping in a warm climate and probably the most reliably red aloe whose normal coloration in shade is a bright green with spots. Also known as the 'Sunset Aloe' it is vigorous, clumping succulent that produces lots of offsets around its base on short stems to 10 inches that lie flat to the ground. Reaching 2' wide by 1' tall after about two years of growth. Read more about Aloe dorotheae

Aloe elgonica

Aloe elgonica is beautiful Aloe from the Trans-Nzoia District of Kenya. It is a clump-forming plant to 2-3 feet tall with 1 foot wide rosettes of thick tight medium-green glossy leaves that are recurved and blushed with a pink color when first emerging and have large broad teeth along the margins. Read more about Aloe elgonica

Aloe 'Hellskloof Bells'

Aloe 'Hellskloof Bells' is an upright growing shrubby plant to about 2 feet tall with short lanceolate gray-green leaves that blush maroon in full sun and produce a capitate head of soft pastel orange flowers. It forms spectacular colonies of erect, columnar branches covered with red-blushed leaves. Read more about Aloe 'Hellskloof Bells'

Aloe mitriformis

Aloe mitriformis is a true Cape mountain and winter-rainfall species that has thick, short leaves that are arranged in a rosette style with short barbs along the outer edges and beautiful flowers. Read more about Aloe mitriformis

Aloe 'Rooikappie'

Aloe rudikoppe, commonly known as 'Little Gem', is a lovely landscape aloe that grows to less than 1 foot tall with many densely clustered 12 inch wide rosettes of medium green, spotted leaves. This small, clumping aloe produces 2 foot tall branched, flat-topped inflorescences of showy yellow/orange flowers all year. Read more about Aloe 'Rooikappie'

Aloe tauri

Aloe tauri is a blushing Aloe that turns red under cold conditions or in times of drought and whose form is best described as elegant. Many people are reminded of a ballerina, due to the plant's graceful appearance. Read more about Aloe tauri

Aloe vanbalenii

Commonly grown, Aloe vanbalenii is one of the most beautiful and distinctive aloes, with its long, twisted and recurved leaves resembling an octopus. This striking Aloe is a medium to large sized South African species that stays relatively low to the ground and forms clumps of stemless rosettes about 3 feet wide. Read more about Aloe vanbalenii

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