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Aloe tauri

Also Known As: Bullock's bottle brush aloe

Category: Red Aloes

USDA Hardiness Zones: 9b - 11


Aloe tauri is a blushing Aloe that turns red under cold conditions or in times of drought and whose form is best described as elegant. Many people are reminded of a ballerina, due to the plant's graceful appearance.


Aloe tauri forms a dense rosette of dark green, recurved leaves. This plant is stemless, or with a decumbent stem, 1-2 m long, the stem suckering to form large groups of plants. Aloe tauri's rich salmon coloring when in ideal sunlight, and it's long curving leaves make this a much sought-after aloe. Much like Aloe vanbalenii or Aloe dorotheae - Aloe tauri may turn intense orange and red colors in response to cold conditions or in times of drought. The plants color can rapidly reverse to green with red margins within a few days of decent rainfall after an extended drought. The stems and branches of Aloe tauri bear the withered remains of old leaves.


The inflorescence develops during winter as an unbranched, to 1 meter long, densely flowered spike. The flowers are sessile, short, bright yellow, and bell-like. The nectar of Aloe tauri is clear whereas the nectar of Aloe spicata is brown.

Origin / History

Aloe tauri, native to southern Zimbabwe, was named after its discoverer, EJ Bullock, using the Latin word for bull. This species is superficially similar to Aloe spicata, and for a while was lumped under that species until a fairly recent treatment of the Aloe genus in Zimbabwe where it was restored as a valid species. Like A. spicata (Southern Africa) which grows a much longer/taller stem, also related to A. castanea (South Africa) which can reach tree size.

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Care / Cultivation

Frost Tenderness

Use in the Garden

The colorful foliage of Aloe tauri can provide striking seasonal interest in the garden. They make excellent subjects for close up photography.

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