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Aloe elgonica

Also Known As: Mt. Elgon Aloe

Category: Red Aloes

USDA Hardiness Zones: 9b - 11


Aloe elgonica is beautiful Aloe from the Trans-Nzoia District of Kenya. It is a clump-forming plant to 2-3 feet tall with 1 foot wide rosettes of thick tight medium-green glossy leaves that are recurved and blushed with a pink color when first emerging and have large broad teeth along the margins.


Aloe elgonica is very attractive and architecturally interesting with rosettes up to 1 to almost 2 feet across. It's a suckering aloe that can either be a low growing plant if kept totally devoid of water, or grow up to 3 4 feet tall if given some protection and water. The stems branch from the base, often forming large, dense clumps. Leaves are recurved and blushed with a pink color when first emerging and have large, prominent, broad teeth along the margins.


In late spring through mid-summer appear bright red flowers in upright spikes on the a simple or branching inflorescence up to 3 feet tall.

Origin / History

This beautiful high altitude Kenyan Aloe has a limited distribution along the Southern and Eastern slopes of Mount Elgon which is Africa’s oldest and largest volcano that is crossed by the Uganda and Kenya border.

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Care / Cultivation

Plant Aloe elgonica in full sun for best foliage color to light shade, in a well-drained soil and irrigate occasionally to infrequently. It is drought tolerant once it's established. It is a pretty hardy and easy to grow plant, but a pretty sharp one, so handle with care.

Frost Tenderness

Hardy to around 25F, although foliage can be damaged at this temperature if duration is prolonged.

Use in the Garden

This is a great landscape aloe with beautiful, red foliage and flower color that will form large masses in the landscape - stays low to the ground if grown without irrigation but can bulk up to 3 feet or a bit more if watered regularly.

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