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Small to Medium Clumping Aloes

A group of small to medium sized Aloes that spread by creating offsets (suckers)

Aloe acutissima

Aloe acutissima is an attractive aloe from Madagascar with interesting foliage colors and winter flowers that does well in the ground or in larger pots. This is a shrubby, fast growing species which can fill an area in a few years, after which it slowly spreads in all directions. Aloe acutissima is generally a smallish, many-stemmed species with spikes of orange to red flowers. Read more about Aloe acutissima

Aloe andongensis

One of the more attractive slender-stemmed, branching shrubby aloes. Aloe andongensis is a small to medium, suckering, shrubby Angolan aloe with neat rosettes only about 6 inches in diameter and lots of eye-catching white dots. Aloe andongensis has closely spaced teeth and is always spic and span in appearance. Read more about Aloe andongensis

Aloe betsileensis

Aloe betsileensis - A lovely Madagascan aloe which is mid-sized and nearly stemless with an open rosette of upwardly-growing 8 to 16 inch long-lance shaped leaves. A stunning plant with up to 50 pale blue leaves that have a pink tinge when older and are armed with reddish thorns along their margins. Read more about Aloe betsileensis

Aloe Blue Elf

Aloe 'Blue Elf' is a vigorous tight-clumping aloe that grows to 18 inches tall by 2 feet wide with narrow upright gray-blue leaves that contrast well with spikes of orange flowers that appear mostly from early winter to early spring. Read more about Aloe Blue Elf

Aloe brevifolia

Aloe brevifolia is a tiny, stemless, blue-green succulent that forms compact rosettes, and is native to the Western Cape, South Africa. Aloe brevifolia belongs to the dwarf-aloe group forming clumps up to 1 foot tall. Read more about Aloe brevifolia

Aloe camperi

Aloe camperi, commonly known as Popcorn Aloe is one of the few that has verdant green leaves. This unusual African Aloe forms rambling colonies of 2’ high and wide rosettes with long, narrow, serrated, evergreen, succulent leaves. Read more about Aloe camperi

Aloe claviflora

Widely distributed in desert regions of southern Africa, this mid-sized, stemless, clustering Aloe is easily recognized by its upright, pale bluish leaves and the horizontally held, unbranched inflorescence with red flowers. Read more about Aloe claviflora

Aloe comptonii

Aloe comptonii is one of the larger creeping aloe species from S. Africa. This species is a moderately-sized (the largest of the species), compact, South African aloe known for its growth habit of spreading along the ground via horizontal, sprawling stems, sometimes retaining a lot of leaves giving the rosettes a curious stacked look. Read more about Aloe comptonii

Aloe congolensis

Aloe congolensis is a small clustering aloe to 6 to 8 inches tall with tight 5 inch wide rosettes on stems that lie along the ground to 2 feet long with short bright green shiny wedge-shaped leaves that have a slight recurved tip and sharp teeth. Leaves take on a reddish-brown cast when drought or cold stressed. Read more about Aloe congolensis

Aloe 'Crosby's Prolific'

Aloe crosby's prolific is a relatively common and well-loved hybrid miniature, which is an agressive 'clumper', easy to grow whose long, narrow leaves marked with white dots and teeth. Read more about Aloe 'Crosby's Prolific'

Aloe deltoideodonta

Aloe deltoideodonta is a small, slow growing, clustering Aloe from southern central Madagascar with stunning, broad, longitudinally striped leaves and a usually unbranched inflorescence. Read more about Aloe deltoideodonta

Aloe elegans

Aloe elegans is a medium size, slowly offsetting, stemless aloe to 18 to 24 inches tall with open rosettes of upright fleshy green-gray colored leaves that are lance shaped with reddish teeth along the margins, particularly when plants are drought stressed. This highly variable species is from Ethiopia and Eritrea. Read more about Aloe elegans

Aloe erinacea

Aloe erinacea is a small, clustering, slow-growing succulent from southern Namibia with rounded, ball-shaped rosettes of brownish-green leaves with particularly long, black thorns on the margins. Read more about Aloe erinacea

Aloe hildebrandtii

Aloe hildebrandtii is an ordinary looking, low-growing, shrubby aloe from Somalia, where it tends to sprawl all over the place on stalks up to 3' long and forms large clumps. Read more about Aloe hildebrandtii

Aloe humilis

Aloe humilis is a wonderful, low growing heavily suckering succulent that forms crowded clusters and has very large blooms compared to the size of the plant. Read more about Aloe humilis

Aloe krapohliana

Aloe krapohliana is a smaller turquoise-blue rosette-forming plant that only get about 8 - 12 inches tall and 6 inches across with large flowers compared to the size of the plant. Read more about Aloe krapohliana

Aloe labworana

A large but stemless, clustering Aloe from Uganda that forms compact rosettes that have 20 to 30 inch long by 4 inch wide leaves that give rise to rather large, branched inflorescences with mostly bright yellow flowers. Aloe labworana is particularly nice when grown hard, which adds a reddish brown color to it's leaves and makes a great foil to it's yellow flowers. Read more about Aloe labworana

Aloe lineata var. muirii

Aloe lineata var. muirii is a medium-sized clustering species with tight one foot rosettes of yellow-green leaves. Distinct red lines appear on Aloe lineata's leaves and along the leaf margins. The margins also bear prominent red teeth which tend to give the leaves a brownish hue. Read more about Aloe lineata var. muirii

Aloe longistyla

Aloe longistyla is a small South African, dwarf, aloe that suckers with time to form a group of 6 to 8 inch wide rosettes with upright blue-green leaves. A distinct trait of this aloe are the thick, pale, soft, spines on its lower leaf surfaces and margins. Read more about Aloe longistyla

Aloe maculata

Aloe maculata is a stemless aloe, that reaches 18 inches (45 cm) tall and 2 feet (60 cm) wide that can sucker freely or grow solitarily. Native to South Africa, this is a very hardy aloe, making a large group of suckers and its quite thorny too. The Soap Aloe is a delightful spotted succulent with distinctive flat-topped inflorescence in hues of orange, red and yellow that provides striking texture year round. Read more about Aloe maculata

Aloe nobilis

Aloe nobilis is a smaller clumping aloe about 18 inches tall and composed of fleshy green leaves which produces a colony of 5-6 inch rosettes by suckering profusely. This hybrid is a low-growing, rosetting aloe is a hybrid with triangular dark green leaves edged with small hooked teeth. When growing in full sun the leaves may turn a beautiful orange. Read more about Aloe nobilis

Aloe pseudorubroviolacea

Aloe pseudorubroviolacea is a Saudi Arabian, larger, solitary aloe with decumbent trunk, two foot wide rosettes of thick, blue-green leaves and 3 to four foot tall inflorescences of orange-red flowers late winter into spring. Read more about Aloe pseudorubroviolacea

Aloe aristata

The Lace Aloe, Aloe aristata, is a low-growing, small, clumping aloe native to South Africa and Lesotho. This aloe a stemless, no more than 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30 cm) tall, with dense rosettes of stubby, lance-shaped, dark green leaves which look similar to a Haworthia. Lace Aloe is a vigorous grower and because it grows in a variety of habitats it can tolerate a wide range of environmental conditions. Read more about Aloe aristata

Aloe rubroviolacea

Aloe rubroviolacea is appreciated by many as one of the more spectacular aloes available. Not a super common aloe, but one of the more striking ones in full sun where large, fat succulent, blue-green leaves that can turn a violet color and form 2 foot wide rosettes which arch gracefully outward. This aloe comes from steep and rocky areas above 7,000 feet elevation in the mountains of Yemen and Saudi Arabia on the Arabian Peninsula. Read more about Aloe rubroviolacea

Aloe spinosissima

The Aloe x spinosissima South African hybrid is one of the more manageably-sized aloes, growing to about 3 ft. tall in flower and spreading into clumps of the same width. A delightful aloe with a hurricane-esque overall form, due to the slight curvature of the ends of each leaf, and a beautiful bluish color. Read more about Aloe spinosissima

Aloe succotrina

A handsome, densely clustering aloe with blue green thin leaves that can develop a short trunk but is mostly seen as stemless to 3 to 4 feet tall and spreading slowly outward. Read more about Aloe succotrina

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