Garden Aloes

Aloe elegans

Rock, succulent and cactus gardens. Excellent in xeriscape and fire-resistant plantings. Silvery-blue foliage provides a nice contrast to darker colored foliage plants. Aloe elegans can be grown in containers too. read more

Aloe lineata var. muirii

Aloe lineata var. muiri is an attractive and rewarding garden plant. Its striking yellowish green leaves and tall flower spikes will give much needed contrast to any garden theme. A. lineata var. muiri is drought tolerant and an ideal plant to use in any landscape that strives to be water-wise. read more

Aloe mudenensis

Aloe mudenensis makes a great accent plant. It is also very suitable as a container plant and small aloes can be used very effectively as border plants at the edge of a bed. It would be ideal for small gardens. read more

Aloe plicatilis

Kumara plicatilis makes a wonderful feature in any garden and is an excellent accent plant. As such it is increasingly used as an ornamental plant for drought tolerant landscaping and rockeries. However it grows very slowly and consequently, outside of its natural habitat, it is often in danger of being overgrown, smothered and killed by faster growing plants in its vicinity. It also makes an attractive pot plant. In regions of the world which are frost free, or nearly so, this species is sometimes grown as a garden ornamental. This species attracts birds and provides pleasing winter time color. read more

Aloe 'Rooikappie'

A great accent plant in for small landscape spaces or massed as a ground cover in a water-wise garden. Great accent or small container specimen. Placing several of these plants throughout a bed of perennials would be joyful. read more

Aloe vanbalenii

This plant works nicely in succulent and cactus gardens, xeriscape plantings, dry borders and rock gardens. It also makes a nice elevated container plant because the leaves will arch down several feet below the pot. The foliage looks great in combination with other warm colors or contrasted with silver or burgundy. With their attractive foliage, they make beautiful displays when planted in a rockery en masse, to create that effect. Use it in raised planters, small entryway beds or containers for its attractive foliage and form. This plant can also be used for tropical effects and looks nice when mixed with plants the have yellow flowers. Since this plant will form many clumps, give it room to grow. read more

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