Garden Aloes

Aloes organized by their garden use

"Function" refers to the purpose that the plant serves in the landscape. The shade of a tree canopy, the filtered screen from a hedge, or the erosion control of a ground cover addresses the specific objectives of the planting. Plants serve three major functions in our landscapes: architectural, engineering and environmental. We can liken the development of our landscape to the development of rooms in our homes – each room is shaped for its intended use and is accessorized accordingly.

Robert Schutzki, Michigan State University
  • Living Fence or Barrier

    A living fence is a permanent hedge tight enough and tough enough to serve almost any of the functions of a manufactured fence. View 9 Aloes that grow to create a living fence

  • Borders

    The plants in border beds and along edging help define areas of the outdoor space and offer a transition from one space to the next. View 7 Aloes that make good border plants

  • Ground Covers

    Using Aloes as a ground cover will make a beautiful and practical addition to your water-wise garden. View 13 Ground Cover Aloes

  • Garden Focal Points

    Focal points are used in garden design to draw and direct the eye. They act as a visual starting point before viewers take in the finer points of your garden. View 39 Focal point Aloes

  • Accent Plants for the Garden

    Accent plants contrast with their neighbors through a variety of characteristics such as color, texture, size, placement, and form. View 6 Accent Aloes