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Aloe dawei

Also Known As: Dawe’s Aloe

Category: Large Clumping Aloes

USDA Hardiness Zones: 9b - 11


Aloe dawei (Dawe’s Aloe) from Uganda has clumping, upright clusters of elongated succulent stems that elongate to 3-4+ feet tall and green, fleshy leaves form rosettes about 2 feet across with closely-spaced reddish-brown serrated teeth along the margins.


Aloe dawei is a succulent, evergreen shrub with erect or decumbent stems that branch and sucker from the base to form large clumps. The stems can be 1 metre or more tall and 6 - 8cm wide; each stem is topped by a rosette of leaves. Greyish-green Leaves curve in and back out again and have relatively large, sharp teeth along the margins. In full sun and dryer conditions the leaves can get coppery red tinges. It grows two to three feet tall and eighteen inches to three feet wide forming many offsets.


In fall to mid-winter Aloe dawei sends up fiery orange-red, tubular, flowers clustered near the tips of one or more 2 foot tall branching inflorescence. Bloom period can be intermittent year-round in some areas.

Origin / History

Dawe’s aloe is native to mountainous regions in Uganda, Congo, and Rwanda. It is named for Mr. Dawe, who was the curator of the Botanical Gardens at Entebbe, Uganda in the early 1900s.

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Care / Cultivation

The Dawe’s aloe requires minimal maintenance, does well in most soil types and even does well in shade, it's just not as interesting. Ideally Aloe dawei should be planted in well-draining soil and full sun to light shade. While tolerant of drought conditions it still appreciates occasional deep watering in the hottest months.

Frost Tenderness

Reported as cold hardy down to at least 25° F.

Use in the Garden

Use it for its colorful flower display during the winter in containers and planters. This growing accent works well as an understory plant, in the shade of larger shrubs and trees. Also, mix it in masses with other aloes, succulents, and low-water-use plants. It has been a reliable plant in southern California gardens for many years.

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