Garden Aloes

Spotted Aloes

A variety of hybridized, low, clustering Aloes which are spotted (maculate).

Aloe affinis

It is a stemless or short-stemmed solitary Aloe from South Africa that grows to about 3 feet tall with pink-red flowers in winter. Read more about Aloe affinis

Aloe branddraaiensis

Aloe branddraaiensis from the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa is one of the more striking, spotted aloes. The plant is winter-flowering, with a branched inflorescence that forms a panicle with dozens of clusters of tubular red flowers. This is one of many small, spotted, ground hugging, stemless aloes that are a bit hard to tell apart until they flower. Read more about Aloe branddraaiensis

Aloe burgersfortensis

Aloe burgersfortensis is a typical maculate aloe usually solitary, but some specimens will occasionally form two or three heads from basal suckers. The spotted foliage is quite decorative and the flowers are said to be unusually attractive for this group of aloes. Read more about Aloe burgersfortensis

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