Garden Aloes

Aloe ciliaris

This is a great aloe used as a rambling ground-cover or as a vine with some support - very nice running up a large palm. Makes a good hedge. It is best planted at the base of a shrubbery or fence. It will soon climb to the canopy and produce its handsome flowers. It also thrives in containers, but needs support for its weak stems. If given space and time, stems lying on the ground will root and a rounded mound will form. Outdoors in its native South African climate it will branch and climb like a vine, growing into a medium-sized shrub, Aloe ciliaris will, however, stay small in a pot if grown indoors. read more

Aloe 'David Verity'

It is a great specimen aloe used singly or massed with other aloes and succulents - with its stature it can make an impressive screening or barrier plant. Makes a good hedge plant, particularly if you want to keep someone out. read more

Aloe kedongensis

Excellent dry border, ornamental background or is sometimes grown as a live fence or barrier planting. Also nice in succulent, cactus and rock and xeriscape gardens. Flowers are attractive to bees, butterflies and nectar-loving birds. This aloe is a strong grower and needs some space in the garden. read more

Aloe marlothii

The plant is impenetrable, and often planted to form living fences. As a potted plant, very showy, long-lived and full of blunt spines. read more

Aloe arborescens

An indispensable succulent for the dry garden, this very showy & easy plant is commonly grown as a living fence. This plant makes a dramatic focal point in sunny borders or decorative containers. Like Aloe vera, this species has a host of herbal & medicinal properties. It can be used to treat cuts & burns, & has anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial effects. read more

Aloe secundiflora

It is planted to form live fences, and is grown as a garden ornamental in warmer climates. read more

Aloe spicata

Very nice in medium to large sized succulent gardens. Also works well in hillside plantings and can be used as an informal hedge. Interesting when planted among flowing grasses. Low maintenance and low litter make it a nice plant near swimming pools, keeping in mind leaves have short teeth so it should be kept clear of foot traffic. This colorful foliage can provide striking seasonal interest in the garden. They make excellent subjects for close up photography, especially when that nectar reflects or transmits the light. read more

Aloe striatula 'Burly'

This drought tolerant plant is truly a must have for any subtropical, Mediterranean or desert-themed garden. Spectacular plant that is also excellent in a container. Aloe striatula 'Burly' makes a good living fence or background plant. read more

Aloe succotrina

Aloe succotrina can easily be grown as an ornamental plant in Mediterranean climate gardens, rockeries, and in containers. This aloe is a very nice showy midsize aloe for the garden that is attractive both in and out of bloom and it grows well in containers too. It is cultivated for medicinal purposes in various parts of the world. read more

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