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Aloe 'Hercules'

Also Known As: Dr. Seuss Tree

Category: Tree Aloes

USDA Hardiness Zones: 9b - 11


Originating from the coastal central Africa region and South Africa, Aloe Hercules is a hybrid tree aloe that is a cross between Aloe barberae (A. bainesii) and Aloe dichotoma. With this massive tree-like succulent's impressive looks it can become the focal point of your cactus garden or desert landscape as well as offer superior drought tolerance. The heavy, forking trunk and branches, as well as the stunning rose-colored tint of the leaves stately, bring a sculptural pattern and visual interest to any landscape.


Very few succulents can attain the massive width or height of this grandiose species. Aloe 'Hercules' is dramatic, fast growing tree Aloe hybrid that can reach 20 - 30 feet in it's native South Africa. It is a hybrid of two other tree aloes: Aloe barberae and Aloe dichotoma. The plant exhibits hybrid vigor, growing faster than it's parent plants. As it grows, a central trunk develops and the fleshy green leaves have an attractive rose-tint. The trunk is smooth like an Aloe dichotoma, turning rough near the base. Plants don't seem to branch nearly as much or develop the girth of an Aloe barberae, so remain more pillar-like, specimen-worthy. It has large, blue-grey, triangular leaves.


Once the plant is mature, beautiful green-tipped salmon flowers can appear in the spring and then re-bloom on and off through summer and fall.

Origin / History

Aloe 'Hercules' is a popular hybrid between two tree aloe's - Aloe dichotoma and Aloe barberae. This naturally occurring plant from Mozambique has smaller narrower pale green leaves and much thinner stems.

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Care / Cultivation

Aloe Hercules loves to grow in full sun exposure, porous soil and loves the heat, so plant them in a landscape where it can soak up the sun in hot and dry rock gardens. Once established, infrequent watering is perfectly fine. Easy maintenance keeps the plant looking beautiful and tidy, so simply remove dead leaves as the plant grows. Rich soil will encourage Aloe Hercules to grow more quickly but will also turn it into a 'weakling' in the sense that it will be more prone to falling over once it reaches maturity.

Frost Tenderness

Hardiness reports are that it is hardier than either parent and can tolerate temperatures down to at least 20° F though unverified reports are that it has been hardy only to 23°F.

Use in the Garden

Aloe 'Hercules' makes a strong, sculptural, specimen plant for a large container or an impressive, drought-tolerant landscape plant in warmer climates. The Aloe's beautiful looks and features are easy to admire wherever you choose to plant it and having a few of these evergreen beauties in your garden just makes you feel good. With minimal water and full sun, the drought-tolerant Aloe Hercules plant can grow up to 30-feet and bring the WOW factor to any landscape design. A great choice for xeriscape gardens where its sculptural features gives it focal point 'hero' status! This easy to grow tree is perfectly suited for the Southwestern climate of the U.S.

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