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Aloe cooperi

Category: Grass Aloes

USDA Hardiness Zones: 7b - 11


Easy, lovely in the garden and smaller than most Aloes. Aloe cooperi is a hardy grass aloe from S Africa that can be unstemmed with long, narrow leaves that form a rosette or fan shape. This is a grassland specie with light green leaves and attractive, unbranched flower spikes with flowers that can vary from whitish to pink.


Aloe cooperi forms offsets freely, has thin, v-shaped leaves that are held in a fan shape and are evergreen in milder climates. The leaves are often yellowish green with the upper surface usually unspotted, though occasionally they have a few white spots lower down. In cold climates they die back in winter and for this reason it is also regarded as a good waterwise garden plant as it needs no watering in winter. The leaves are edged with a row of tiny white bumps. Eventually older plants can lose the distichous leaf pattern and grow in a normal swirl, but still very upright. It forms one or a small clump of rosettes of erect, grass-like leaves that are 60 - 80cm long.


The terminal flower spikes emerge in Summer, growing to 3’ tall and bear incredibly attractive flower heads to 1.5” across, green tipped with dangling coral-orange blooms. The inflorescence is simple and bold. The flowers are rich in nectar and are frequently visited by insects and birds.

Origin / History

Aloe cooperi hails from the dry, open grasslands in the Natal Mountains of South Africa where it was discovered in 1860. The leaves and flowers are eaten by the Zulu people. It is also used traditionally to ease birth. Both the young shoots and flowers are edible and considered a delicacy where they grow wild.

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Care / Cultivation

Aloe cooperi grows well in temperate and dry tropical climates, needing very little water once established. Like most other grass aloes, it does much better with some shade, particularly here in hot, inland locations. From the summer rainfall part of South Africa, this aloe can die to the ground in winter with hard frost, but will reappear in spring.

Frost Tenderness

Aloe cooperi is hardier than most too – down to 10°F.

Use in the Garden

It is useful for containers.

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