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Aloe buhrii

Also Known As: Elias Buhr's Aloe

Category: Single Head Stemless Aloes

USDA Hardiness Zones: 9b - 11


Aloe buhrii (Elias Buhr's Aloe) is a wonderful landscape plant from South Africa with toothless, soft, rubbery, mildly spotted leaves and winter flowers of orange, yellow or red.


It resembles the closely related Aloe striata but has narrower more upright and thicker leaves that usually are white spotted. This plant is usually a solitary rosette, but older plants have multiple heads. The rosettes are formed from 12-15in lanceolate leaves with narrow longitudinal lines. The 2ft (400 mm) leaves are smooth and striated with thinner lines parallel to the axis of he leaf. As the leaves mature they turn purplish with white spots and the lines disappear. The leaves have a broad red margin. The leaf margin may be smooth to finely toothed. Leaf colors also vary a lot depending on temperature, sun, and water availability. The leaves have a wide variety of pastel colors.


The multi-branched inflorescence has up to fifteen racemes of orange to yellow flowers that appear in early spring. Buds point upwards and upon flowering they hang down.

Origin / History

Aloe buhrii comes from a restricted range on hilltops from 3,300 to 5,000 feet in elevation in the Calvinia district of the dry western Karoo in Northern Cape Province of South Africa. It was first described by John Lavranos in 1971, who named it after Elias Buhr, the South African farmer who first collected it. It is listed as Endangered in South Africa because of its restricted distribution.

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Care / Cultivation

This plant prefers winter moisture and overwatering in summer can cause leaf spots or even rotting. Plant in full sun to light shade. Aloe buhrii is drought resistent.

Frost Tenderness

Aloe buhrii is one of the hardier Aloe for warm temperate climates. It has proven hardy to short duration temperatures to 25 degrees.

Use in the Garden

The interesting, spotted leaves of Aloe buhrii and it's smaller size make this plant a good choice for use in borders or massing in a garden's foreground

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