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Aloe angelica

Also Known As: Wylliespoort Aloe

Category: Single Head Tree Aloes

USDA Hardiness Zones: 9b - 11


Aloe angelica is a great looking tree aloe with single stem, long, arching, drooping smooth leaves and wonderful top of branching gold flowers in winter. It is a large, single-stemmed plant, 3–4 meters (10 - 13 feet) in height, with green, succulent leaves, bent backward, and red-budded flowers in compact bunches on much-branched racemes, turning yellow as they flower.


Aloe angelica may be confused with other South African tree aloes like A thraskii or A alooides when it is not in flower, which also have long, tapering smooth leaves. Stems usually solitary but they may branch occasionally. Plants can be up to 4 meters in height, stems are long, slender and smooth, dry leaves cover the upper half of stems. Leaves near the top of the rosette is spread out while leaves near the bottom of the rosette are strongly recurved. Leaf surfaces of Aloe angelica are smooth while the leaf margins are armed with small sharp teeth. This species is harder to find than Aloe thraskii.


Inflorescences are complex and may be branched up to twenty times, racemes are short and round. The complex much-branched inflorescence contains many short tubular flowers budding red but turning yellow in age. The flowers are just super in mid-winter, opening to 10 - 20 short round racemes.

Origin / History

Aloe angelica, aka williespoort Aloe, is restricted to the Soutpansberg and Blouberg mountains in Northern Province region of South Africa. Aloe angelica has been granted tree status in South Africa and it's national tree number is 28.4

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Care / Cultivation

Grow in warm part of the garden in soil that is well-draining to prevent rot from killing the plant. Needs excellent drainage in pots. Grows outdoors only in mild areas.

Frost Tenderness

Aloe angelica may not grow well in cultivation and it does not tolerate heavy frost.

Use in the Garden

This wonderful architectural plant will add accent and interest to your garden. Plant it as a single specimen or in large groups, for great effect.

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